Darkness and Daylight

Cordelia / Angel Fanfiction & Art by Lysa Whitmore

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Prologue— The Abyss. Meet the next Big Bad. 

Book One 

Scenes 1 - 20



S1— Buffy opposes Cordelia’s plans to return to Scooby Gang after the rebar injury

S2— Sunnydale High School North Entrance – Cordelia talks to Angel

S3— The Library—Giles prepares to tell everyone about a new prophecy

S4— Cordelia is forced to share the library steps with Angel

S5— Buffy & Willow gossip about Cordelia and her mysterious new boyfriend

S6— Buffy offers Cordelia dating advice

S7— Buffy teams up Angel & Cordelia for patrol duty

S8— Drusilla and Spike leave South America with plans to meet Angel in Sunnydale

S9— Angel is angry with Buffy about his assignment with Cordelia

S10— Angel & Cordelia head out on their first patrol

S11— Buffy, Willow and Xander patrol and talk about Cordelia’s return

S12—Angel fights vampires, Cordelia cheers from the sidelines

S13—Buffy is shocked to discover that ‘Team Chase’ found the Bone Relic

S14—Faith walks Cordelia home and learns one of her secrets

S15— Spike & Drusilla make their way toward Sunnydale

S16— Cordelia & Angel get into a barfight at Willy’s Place

S17— Xander and Buffy ponder their relationship troubles

S18— Faith & Giles make plans to patrol Main Street

S19— Cordelia tells Angel to call her Cordy

S20—The First Sacrifice of the Prophecy is identified

Scenes 21-40



S21— Joyce & Buffy talk about a student death and a disappearance

S22— Giles’ research is interrupted

S23— Cordelia makes peace with Xander & Willow (mostly)

S24— Cordelia visits Angel at the Crawford Street Mansion

S25— Angel gets his first look at the Plymouth

S26— Cordelia drags Angel out on some pre-patrol activities

S27—Drusilla & Spike out in the woods

S28—Angel learns the truth about Cordelia’s mysterious new boyfriend

S29— Drusilla & Spike still out in the woods

S30— Buffy at Holy Cross Catholic Church

S31—Faith & Giles on patrol

S32— Drusilla & Spike track down Angel

S33— Drusilla shares a vision with Cordelia

S34—Angel informs Giles about a new threat

S35— Cordelia tells Angel about the Chase family misfortunes

S36— Angel worries about Dru’s 1st impression about his relationship with Cordelia

S37— Faith thinks Angel & Cordelia could be hot together

S38— Buffy worries that Angel will know she was jealous

S39— Angel meets Cordelia’s grandmother, Beverly Quinn

S40— Cordelia surprises Angel with more pre-patrol activities 

Scenes 41-60



S41— Drusilla comforts Spike

S42— A meteor shower reveals the Second Sacrifice of the Prophecy

S43— Officer Clark to the rescue—not.

S44— Cordelia wakes up at Mercy Hospital

S45— Angel shows up at Willy’s Place looking for answers

S46— Giles and the Scoobies discuss rituals, demons, and virgin sacrifices

S47— Cordelia wants her grandmother to remain unaware of the danger she is in

S48— Angel shows up at Spike & Drusilla’s lair demanding information

S49— Buffy meets up with Angel at Kingman’s Bluff Cemetery for patrol

S50— Cordelia & Faith talk to Buffy after her patrol with Angel

S51— Angel sends a message to Cordelia who is still at Mercy Hospital

S52— Angel shows up at the hospital for an inevitable confrontation with Cordelia

S53— Angel & Cordelia’s relationship takes a new turn

S54— Angel realizes he has started something potentially dangerous

S55— Buffy finds it difficult to remember why she broke up with Angel

S56— Mayor Wilkins meets with Faith to discuss a problematic Sunnydale citizen

S57— Cordelia has plans for a workout with Angel

S58— Angel shows Cordelia Tai Chi moves and questions her about Drusilla’s vision

S59— Cordelia reveals some of Drusilla’s vision to Angel

S60— Faith’s new Watcher arrives in Sunnydale


Scenes 61-80



S61— Takeout from the Main Street Deli

S62— Buffy runs into Spike

S63— Angel is eager to see Cordelia, but finds signs of a deadly attack

S64— Buffy gets a call from Giles

S65— Giles and Wesley speed towards a crime scene.

S66— Buffy, Willow and Xander fear the worst

S67— Blood has spilled. Cordelia is gone. Faith is responsible.

S68— Angel follows a trail

S69— Cordelia awakens in a dark place

S70— Drusilla has some advice for Cordelia

S71— Faith is arrested

S72— Angel interrupts a game of Kitten Poker

S73— Angel shows up to save Cordelia

S74— Spike benefits from Drusilla’s good mood

S75— Angel & Cordelia head back to the Mansion

S76—  Drusilla has some disturbing news for Spike

S77— Buffy, Willow & Xander deal with their grief with a group hug

S78— Angel wants to comfort Cordelia

S79— Mayor Wilkins arranges for Faith’s release

S80— The High Priestess of Amolon meets with key followers 

Scenes 81-100



S81— Angel defeats some evil buttons

S82— Buffy, Willow & Xander pack some of Cordelia’s clothes

S83— Angel & Cordelia get intimate

S84— Giles & Wesley discover Faith was never brought to jail

S85— Xander drives the Plymouth

S86— Some bananas are more interesting than others

S87— Angel anticipates the loss of his soul

S88— The past and present of Nicolau & Isobel

S89— Giles & Wesley discover their missing Slayer

S90— Buffy, Willow & Xander arrive at the Mansion

S91— Cordelia wakes up alone

S92— Angel decides that being with Cordelia is too risky

S93— Buffy confronts Angel about Cordelia and his soul

S94— Drusilla is having a bad day

S95— Cordelia & Angel come to a decision about their relationship

S96— Buffy & Xander have issues with Angel & Cordelia’s relationship

S97— The Scoobies will have to wait a little longer to confront them

S98— A vampire shows up at Willy’s Place looking for answers

S99— Nicolau receives a report from his minion, Anton

S100— Angel & Cordelia are reluctant to get out of bed 

Scenes 101-120



S101— Buffy, Willow & Xander confront Angel

S102— The Scoobies head over to Giles’ place

S103— Nicolau learns of Drusilla’s involvment

S104— Faith spent the night at Giles’ house

S105— Giles & Faith meet Angel & Cordelia at the Mansion

S106— The Mansion becomes Scooby Central Command

S107— Isobel tortures Spike for information

S108— Some things are better slow, but quickies are fun, too.

S109— Xander in the kitchen

S110— Bitch Session with Buffy

S111— Drusilla arrives at the Mansion seeking protection

S112— The bad guys steal the obelisk Giles needs for his research

S113— Spike’s torture continues

S114— Angel decides to rescue Spike.

S115— Angel finds himself distracted by thoughts of claiming Cordelia

S116— Isobel has a serious crush on Angelus

S117— Angel gives Isobel a warning for Nicolau

S118— Angel frees Spike

S119— The Game is Go Fish

S120— Angel returns to the Mansion with Spike

Scenes 121-140



S121— Angel reveals what he knows about Solarian Vampires and Banished Ones

S122— Cordelia patches Angel up

S123— The Scoobies express concerns about Faith’s new and inexperienced Watcher

S124— Cordelia would prefer to spend the day in bed

S125— Faith & Wesley head out on a mission

S126— Angel enjoys the afterglow

S127— Faith & Wesley discover that someone has taken the obelisk

S128— The Watchers are worked up over their missing rock

S129— Someone unexpected shows up at the funeral

S130— Drusilla burns some of the Watchers’ research

S131— Principal Snyder assigns the Scoobies detention

S132— Spike’s interference sparks an argument between Cordelia & Angel

S133— Cordelia wants to leave the Mansion

S134— Angel tries to convince Cordelia to stay safe inside the Mansion

S135— Wesley grumbles about Angel & Cordelia's impropriety

S136— The Mayor wants Faith to seduce a vampire

S137— The Scoobies during detention

S138— Karla Brewer, the First Sacrifice, is safe at the mansion, but not herself

S139— Harry Sims, a prisoner, gets a visit from his lawyer

S140— Angel gets a letter from Nicolau Cibran  

Book Two

Scenes 141-160



S141— Wolfram & Hart lawyer, Jake Devries, arranges the prisoner’s early release

S142— Cordelia & Angel prepare for their official first date

S143— Cordelia is in the shower, but not alone

S144— Team Spuffy. . . Buffy and Spike are assigned patrol

S145— First Date: Arrival at the Marina

S146— Giles takes up position at the highway interchange

S147— First Date: Cordelia introduces Angel to Arturo

S148— Drusilla watches Karla Brewer closely

S149— First Date: Time Warp

S150— Isobel leaves the safety of the Temple of Amolon

S151— Oz, Willow and Xander are being followed

S152— Faith & Wesley scout out the Sunnydale Municipal Airport

S153— Faith distracts an Airport Security Guard

S154—Wesley cautions Faith about fighting Nicolau Cibran

S155— First Date: Dinner at Arturo’s comes to an end

S156— Drusilla defies Daddy by playing with Karla Brewer

S157— First Date: The Beach

S158— First Date: Alone Time is Over

S159— Angel & Cordelia respond to a Code 6 page

S160— Harry Sims body is transported away from Mercy Hospital 

Scenes 161-180


S161— Everyone gathers at Mercy Hospital

S162— Angel finishes a perimeter patrol of the Mansion grounds

S163— Xander makes a snack 

S164— Spike finds Drusilla in Angel's bedroom

S165— Wes and Giles head to the basement to check on Karla Brewer

S166— Devries & Mooney hide out from Kalesh until Harry Sims can recover 

S167— Karla Brewer is missing and it's up to Wesley to get help to find her

S168— Angel reacts to finding Spike & Dru in the bedroom with Cordelia

S169— Buffy and Faith take out some vampires

S170— The hunt for Karla Brewer

S171— Faith fights a demon

S172— Cordelia has a dream / nightmare

S173— Buffy and Joyce have Saturday morning breakfast together

S174— Faith is sent to wake Angel and Cordelia

S175— Willow is given a book of spells

S176— Angel helps Cordelia with a zipper

S177— A truth spell reveals its secrets  

S178— Kalesh catches up on important events with Nicolau 

S179— Cordelia grabs coffee before the Scooby Meeting

S180— Angel and Cordelia are stuck at the mansion

Scenes 181 + (WIP)

Season of Solace is an active Work in Progress. 

Watch for more new scenes.

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