Darkness and Daylight

Cordelia / Angel Fanfiction & Art by Lysa Whitmore

Drama/Romance // C/A in BtVS // Rated NC-17

Epic-Length FanFiction // Active Work-in-Progress

The next apocalypse is on the horizon as the followers of a powerful demon god gather at the Hellmouth. The Scooby Gang must unravel the mysteries of an ancient prophecy, save those who would be sacrificed, fight an influx of demons and vampires, and find a way to stop a ritual that involves one of their own.

Although Cordelia Chase's entire world has recently turned topsy-turvy, she returns to help with research. Her recent breakup with Xander makes her return a rocky one from the start. Angel also rejoins the group despite Buffy's determination to keep him at a distance until she can sort out her feelings. Things seem different between the two of them now that Angel is back from Acathla's hell dimension, and she doesn't want to deal with it. 

Buffy decides to keep both Angel and Cordelia out of her way by assigning them patrol duty together. The formation of 'Team Chase' forges a bond of friendship between Cordelia and Angel that continues to evolve in ways no one expects. 

As if prophecy-related events weren't enough of a problem, Drusilla takes a dangerous interest in Cordelia's relationship with Angel when she and Spike return to Sunnydale. Her own cryptic predictions warn of the darkness threatening to consume them all. 


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