Darkness and Daylight

Cordelia / Angel Fanfiction & Art by Lysa Whitmore

Baiting a Master Vamp

Sunnydale Cemetery 9:35 p.m.

Moonlight filtered through the grove of the oak trees surrounding the older mausoleums and tombstones of the graveyard. The silver beams brightened the headstones, but only deepened the shadows under the trees. Angelus silently made his way across the leaf-encrusted ground. Predatory instinct and his dark clothes blended him with the night as he followed his quarry.

Could they be any more pathetic? Angelus saw the three huddled figures of Xander Harris, Willow Rosenberg and Cordelia Chase making their way around the cemetery on patrol. Three blind mice scampering around dark, dangerous places all alone.

Cordelia stifled a yawn as she followed closely behind her Scooby companions. Being Xander’s girlfriend, she tended to get dragged into this stuff even when there were better things to do. Usually, patrol was a little livelier than this and now even homework started to sound exciting.

“Did the vampires decide to take the night off?” Cordelia griped as she looked around the quiet cemetery. “It’s totally dead around here.”

“Literally,” quipped Willow.

Xander shrugged before adding, “Nah! They’re just terrified of our stealthy techniques and frightening reputation.”  

“Look on the bright side,” Willow’s mouth turned up in a close-mouthed smile. “With Buffy being down with the flu and us taking watch, I’d just as soon have a quiet night as a demony one.”

So that’s it, Angelus realized as he advanced upon their position with slow grace, the reason Dumb, Dingy and Delicious are on their own. No Slayer games tonight.

Agreeing that patrol had been a bore, Xander suggested livening things up to draw out the creepy crawlies. “Cor, why don’t you walk ahead a few yards? Act like you’re all sweet and helpless.”

“What other guy would send his girlfriend out as vampire bait?” Cordelia rolled her eyes then told him, “Oscar-worthy performances will cost you.”

Considering, he answered, “Two scoops of mint-chocolate-chocolate chip?”

With a nod, Cordelia agreed, “You’re on.” Besides, with the night as uneventful as it had been so far, she doubted she’d manage to do anything except rouse a few pigeons.

I’d like her to give me a performance or two. Angelus licked his lips at the thought. Too bad it’s not the red leather and heels.

With the Slayer not around, Angelus quickly shifted his plans. If he couldn’t torment Buffy directly, then he’d do it through her friends. He was always up for a little Scooby fun. Anticipating what was to come, he rubbed his hands together as he came up with a rough plan.

Decisions, decisions. Einy, meeny, miney, moe. 

Xander the loyal and annoying one? Obviously torture and death. 

How about the little red headed best friend, Willow? Hmm. Thinking. Torture and death.

What about Bait Girl herself?

Why deviate from a helluva good plan? Torture and death…eventually.

As the word tagged on to his thoughts, Angelus knew a moment of irritation. What were ideas of torturing and draining victims if not vampire fantasy? Only, his fantasies about Cordelia were far more involved. They were all sexual and far more graphic now without the soul than they had been before when they were just fleeting and forbidden. 

With Cordelia, he was always up for anything.

Tonight there was nothing standing in his way from taking everything he wanted. There would be no quick snap of her neck, no painful bloodletting. Certainly not until his thirst for her had been quenched one way or the other. Angelus contemplated the things he could, should and would do to the Scooby Gang’s lusciously sexy bait when he got his hands on her.

My own tasty treat. The time is ripe for action, kitten, and so are you.

He took a step forward just as Xander and Willow started to turn a corner while Cordelia continued walking straight ahead. All three humans suddenly let out a loud yelp as Buffy jumped into their path ready to attack. At the last second, she pulled her stake back from Xander’s chest. Even Angelus was surprised by the Slayer’s sudden appearance, his full attention being tuned in elsewhere.

“Non-vampire,” Buffy quipped despite her congestion. Then looking apologetic, added to the two girls. “Plus two.”

Cordelia gaped at the Slayer’s bedraggled appearance. “You’re sick. You’re not supposed to be here. We’re all concerned about how gross you look.”

Nodding in full agreement, Willow told Buffy, “This is a night for flannel footie pajamas and snuggle time with Mister Gordo, not patrolling.”

“We’re on it, Buffy,” Xander assured her.

“Footie pajamas?” Cordelia snorted at the picture in her head. “Geez, Willow. She has the flu not a case of badfashionitis. Except with you that’s a chronic condition.”

Though he wasn’t certain exactly where this left his plans for the evening, Angelus took it as a short delay rather than a cancellation. Now that he’d thought about it, there was no way he was going to drop the idea until Cordelia Chase was his in every way he could imagine. In the meantime, that did not preclude toying and tormenting his ex-lover and favorite adversary.

Strutting out of the shadows, Angelus made his presence known, “Climb back into your no-longer virginal bed, Buff. We can’t have a weak Slayer guarding the Hellmouth.”

Angelus smirked adding, “Someone might take advantage.”

Cordelia recognized the voice even before she saw him approach. Standing slightly apart from the others, she was surprised to see him gazing in her direction. No hiding his true vampire visage tonight; he was in full fang mode and the expression on his face as his topaz eyes raked her body was frankly lustful.

Her body tensed in reaction as his name tumbled from her lips, “Angel.”

The sound carried to his ears and Angelus realized she was not unaffected by his sudden appearance. Beneath the quiver in her voice that hinted at her fear, there was something else he couldn’t identify, but decided he wanted to explore.

Xander stepped up holding a large cross, “Take a walk, overbite.”

Knocking it out of the teenager’s hand, Angelus tut-tutted, “It’s not your turn, Xan. Don’t interrupt. A gentleman knows it’s always ladies first.”

Reacting more slowly than usual, Buffy told the vampire, “Thanks for the opening. I’ll take it.”

Her fist connected with his jaw. Angelus expected to go flying, but was still on his feet. “Slayer strength not exactly up to par, lover? That tickled. It should feel more like this.”

Angelus threw a punch that carried Buffy five feet to crash into the heavy door of the Douglas family crypt. She slid down its surface to the ground with a groan of pain. Still close, Willow and Xander reacted automatically when Buffy did not immediately flip back to her feet. They were both too busy tending to the stunned Slayer to notice that her opponent had other interests.

Having been ready to tell the helpful pair to watch their backs, Cordelia realized that they were not the ones in danger. Angelus wasn’t planning to creep up behind them and crack their stupid necks. He was staring straight at her. Cordelia knew his intentions with one glance.

Panicking, she started to run. Her path took her back into the grove of trees at the edge of the cemetery. Their roots kept tripping her up, but Cordelia managed to stay on her feet. Sportingly, Angelus gave her a few seconds head start before he followed.

Time for that taste. 

“Just brilliant, Cor,” she muttered to herself upon realizing that she’d screwed up. Even out of it, Buffy Summers offered more protection from Angelus than this copse of trees. She tried to double-back, but as Cordelia turned around she found the vampire headed straight for her.

Within seconds, Angelus pinned her on the ground beneath him, the full length of his body covering hers. As his weight pressed her into the ground, crushing her breasts against his chest, Cordelia felt a momentary rush of excitement; a thrill that zipped down her spine and left a rush of heat curling low in her belly.

Then his piercing demonic gaze and the growling pleasure that sounded as he noticed her reaction snapped her back to reality.

Cordelia’s scream was music to his ears, but Angelus knew it would call her rescuers to their position. There were so many ways he could kill her before they arrived, but that would not get him what he wanted in the end. A little more patience was required.

Angelus grasped her wrists as she struck out, shoving them down as he rose up enough to let her squirm against him. The scent of her fear and the rapid pulsing of her heart excited him. This little game of catch had him turned on.

Putting his mouth next to her ear, Angelus purred, “I’m taking the bait. Taking it and taking you.”

Her struggles to wrest her arms free were useless against his commanding strength, but Cordelia’s shifting hips managed to catch him off-guard enough to let her left leg slip between his.

“Try taking a hint,” she flared raising her knee as sharply as she could toward his groin.

Just barely avoiding the blow, Angelus angrily tangled his legs with hers until he kneed them apart settling his hips in the cradle of her thighs. Grinding his turgid erection against her pant-covered crotch, he leered crudely, “How’s that for a hint of what’s to come?”

Cordelia tried to squirm away from the hard bulge, but only managed to come into closer contact with it. She panted, her breath coming in short gasps as the vampire leaned in close to her ear. “I plan to fuck you into oblivion, Cordelia Chase. There and back again.”

Threats only pissed her off and Cordelia tried to stifle the fear that she knew would only give Angelus added ammunition. Praying that she was right and that the others could get to her in time, she glared confidently into his eyes as he moved again.

“You’ll never get the chance to touch me,” Cordelia taunted just before he proved her wrong.

Tugging her arms over her head, Angelus captured her wrists in one hand letting the other trail down to capture her face keeping her frightened gaze focused on him. Then he let his hand drop down to the edge of her lime-colored shirt snaking his fingers underneath to brush aside the lacy cup of her bra palming her bare breast.

Cordelia gasped close to his lips as his cool skin enveloped her. Traitorously, her body responded automatically by perking up at the attention. To think she’d been complaining because patrol was boring. Now she was pinned under a vampire who was copping a feel.

“There are infinite opportunities,” Angelus circled his fingers lightly over her nipple and then tweaked it drawing a little cry from her throat. “I only need one. You’ll beg for more of my touch, Cordelia.”

“Pfft! I don’t beg.”

Smirking, the vampire promised, “You will. Bet you’ve never known the kind of pleasure I’ll show you. First I’ll have you begging for it. Then I’ll take you and take you and take you.”

“Take a hike,” Cordelia grumbled despite her simultaneous quivering as Angelus cupped the full mound of her breast stroking her with his thumb.

“Ecstasy and death will come so close,” his husky voice dropped lower as his fangs came close to her neck. Cordelia tensed only to feel his lips on her throat followed by the wet sensation of his tongue trailing along the course of her jugular. “Then you will learn what it is to be mine.”

Finally, Buffy, Xander and Willow caught up with them. Grabbing the vampire by the collar of his leather jacket, Buffy threw him off of Cordelia, yelling, “Get off!”

“That’s my plan,” Angelus quipped as he rolled to his feet.

Buffy was too medicated to connect the dots between their words and Cordelia Chase. The other two were too busy helping the brunette to notice anything amiss in the fact that her shirt was tucked up around her ribs. Hastily, Cordelia batted off their attempts to assist and turned away to straighten out her clothing.

Swinging wildly at Angelus, Buffy’s punch missed. He stared at her looking a little put out by the lack of a challenge.

“You know, you being off your game’s kinda takin’ the fun out of all this,” he grumbled before curling his fingers into a fist and sending it crashing into her. “Nope. Still fun.”

While he was laughing at the bumbling Slayer as she attempted to get back to her feet, Xander and Willow pulled out the crosses again. Hissing at the sight, Angelus found it more of an irritant than anything else. He could still take advantage, but he considered that a retreat would give Cordelia time to think about what he said to her.

Backing away slowly, Angelus commented as if speaking to the whole group, but his words were meant for Cordelia. He could tell by the defiant pursing of those lush lips that she knew it, too. “I’ll see you later. We’ll pick up where we left off.”

Buffy figured he meant the fight. “Count on it.”

Silently, Angelus vanished into the shadows of the oak trees. They swallowed him up as if he’d never been there, but Cordelia felt his presence and knew that somewhere out in the dark he was still watching her.


Chase Family Residence 11:50 p.m.

Dappled light shone through the French doors of Cordelia’s balcony, the silver moon at three-quarters full reflecting in the window. Even a sun-worshipper like Cordelia found solace in the moon. It drew her attention as she padded barefoot from the bathroom tying the belt to her cream satin robe.

Opening the doors, she walked outside on to her private balcony overlooking the pool and the gardens. On nights like this, the moon reflected in the blue waters and looking at it usually made the harsh realities of Sunnydale fade away. Not so, tonight.

Even after a long soak in her tub, Cordelia remained restless. She couldn’t help but replay the events of the night in her head. Less than a minute after Angelus’ retreat, the Slayer had collapsed in a heap. Good thing it hadn’t happened five minutes before when Buffy was saving her neck from the groping vampire.

“I’ve got Jello legs,” Buffy kept muttering when they could understand her at all.

Between the three of them, they managed to get Buffy to Cordelia’s car, contact Giles and Mrs. Summers and drive their sick friend to the hospital. Had Angelus hung around, there was plenty of opportunity to attack again, but he didn’t.

Cordelia made a quick escape once Buffy’s mother and watcher showed up one right after the other. No doubt everyone thought she was rude for leaving, but their arrival gave both Xander and Willow an opportunity to question her about her experience with Angelus. It was something she didn’t want to talk about.

“Angel,” she sighed his name.

The version of him she still found in her thoughts after the lights went out at night was so different from this soulless creature who blatantly informed her he would fuck her to her death. Shuddering, Cordelia knew he wasn’t exaggerating. He’d promised pleasure she instinctively knew he could deliver, but it came with a caveat of his deadly claim.

Feeling nervous at the thought that Angelus would try it, Cordelia only hoped that Buffy got well quickly. Who knew Slayers could even get sick. Shouldn’t they have like super-duper Chosen germ-killers in their blood or something? Guess not.

Cordelia’s eyes flitted around the balcony noting nothing out of sorts. Her lounger was at an angle overlooking the poolside. Clay pots were full of flowers, the mild California weather keeping them blooming year-round. The grounds beyond the stone balcony were quiet and the remainder of the house was dark indicating that Rosa, the longtime Chase family housekeeper, was already asleep in her room in the far wing.

Though Rosa was the only other person in the house, her parents being on a business trip to Colorado, Cordelia felt safe and secure there. Angel had never been to her house. He might not even know where she lived. Even if he came, he had no invitation to get in and in the morning she’d be sure to tell Rosa not to let anyone inside the house.

Focused inwardly, Cordelia did not see the shadows move in the trees below as a figure slipped onto the lawn moving toward the side of the house. The breeze pulled strands of her hair free from the clip on the top of her head and the tickling sensation against her skin reminded her that she had to finish getting ready for bed.

Unfortunately, tomorrow was a school day.

On the ground below, Angelus stared up at her disappearing figure as Cordelia slipped back into her bedroom closing the doors behind her.

“I’m not playing Romeo to your Juliet,” Angelus complained. Why couldn’t she just have a second-story window and a convenient tree like other teenagers? “I won’t stand here pining away like some bleeding heart hero.”

Climbing up a drain pipe along the side of the house, Angelus landed with catlike grace upon the stone floor of the balcony. He thought about knocking on the doors and simply demanding an invitation just to hear her response. Thinking better of it, the vampire gave himself permission just to watch for a while.

It seemed Cordelia had popped back into the bathroom since she was not in his direct line of sight. Turning the lounge chair around to face the doors, he scooted it as far into the shadows remaining in one corner of the balcony as it would go. Taking off his jacket, he tossed it on the back of the chair and made himself comfortable.

After a couple of minutes, Cordelia appeared again, flipping off the bathroom light as she went. Her long satin cover-up went all the way to her toes, he noticed.

What’s under the robe, Cor? Bet it’s not flannel. Angelus chuckled at the memory of the conversation in the graveyard.

Unaware of her nocturnal visitor, Cordelia discarded her robe leaving it in a puddle at her feet. She stood completely nude, her body awash with moonlight leaving her golden skin gleaming. 

Angelus hadn’t really expected to get the full show tonight. He would have been content to watch her sleep. This went far beyond his expectations and so did she.

As she faced away from him, Angelus let his eyes wander over her well-toned back and the taut curves of her bottom. He caught just a glimpse of the outer curve of her breast as Cordelia lifted her hand to the top of her head pulling out the clip and shaking out her gorgeous hair until it tumbled over her shoulders and back. 

Letting out a little growl, Angelus felt his body react as he watched Cordelia brush that silken hair stroke after stroke. There was something so damned sensual about that. Her hair smelled like strawberries, he recalled not just from tonight. He always noticed.

Cordelia made long repetitive motions with the brush, her nubile body shifting. He kept getting glimpses of the shadowy cleft between her thighs and his arousal grew by leaps and bounds with every passing second.

Cordelia, Cordelia, Cordelia, you are the hottest thing on the Hellmouth and it looks like Bad Boy here is eager for a little fun.

Angelus dropped his hand to the front of his pants where his cock pressed up against the leather demanding release. He gripped himself through the fabric enjoying the hard grasp and the urge that accompanied it. With his topaz gaze fixed on Cordelia, he opened up his pants and shoved them down over his hips. When his cock sprang free of its confines, he fisted it for a series of rapid jerks before settling into a languorous rhythm.

So good. Only thing better would be you.

Angelus figured once she was done with her hair that Cordelia would cover all that gorgeous skin up with pajamas and climb into bed. She reached for a bottle of body lotion instead and Angelus’ chest rumbled with a low uniquely vampiric sound as Cordelia squirted out a dollop of scented cream into her hand. Starting with her arms, she slowly smoothed the lotion over her skin, first one arm and then the other taking a moment to massage her shoulders.

Let me do that. 

His eyes grew heavy as he stared forward, his hand steadily pumping his engorged flesh. Angelus imagined himself spreading the lotion across Cordelia’s soft skin. She’d be so warm, her body toned and firm and soft in all the right places. 

Taking the bottle with her, Cordelia turned to use the corner of the bed as she propped one foot there. In three-quarter pose, she was stunning. The elegant line of her throat and shoulders dipped down to reveal lush breasts that made his mouth water. The taut belly with its soft feminine curve called for his attention with its winking navel.

Angelus licked his lips and let his tongue trail over the back of his fangs as his eyes went down to the thick forest of curls gathered at the apex of her thighs. That trimmed little triangle teased him, hiding its secrets from his lustful gaze. Soon, he promised himself. Soon he would discover every hidden treasure and explore it with his mouth and his tongue and his fingers.

Mmm. He could imagine it now, his face buried between her warm thighs. The taste of her on his tongue. How many times would he make her come before he took her, Angelus wondered. Enough that she’d be begging for his cock. He just knew that she would respond to his touch, that she could be wanton letting herself go for him.

Are you noisy when you come, baby?

He’d bet anything he had that she was a screamer. Every thought that sizzled in his brain made Angelus want her even more. His fingers slid up his length gathering the beading fluid at his tip spreading it over the velvet crown and smoothing it down his shaft.

A guttural groan sounded as he watched Cordelia caress every inch of her gorgeous legs and supple thighs with that lotion. Lowering her foot to the floor after completing her task, Cordelia let her cream-slicked hands circle her flat stomach. They paused below that concave bellybutton just at the edge of her soft brown muff. 

Angelus’ eyes widened as he imagined where those hands were going next. Smoothing all that cream over her skin had to feel good. Sensual, no doubt. She’d been thinking of him, he suddenly decided. His hands on her.

Go for it, baby. Touch yourself. Angleus’ thoughts encouraged his own hand to pick up the pace. The idea of watching Cordelia get herself off nearly made him come right then and there.

Determined to wait it out, he gripped the base of his cock stemming off the urge. 

Cordelia’s fingers threaded through the curls, but quickly pulled back up to the plane of her belly. The masturbating vampire let out another groan, this one of disappointment as it seemed that was one show he wasn’t going to get tonight. Then came the consolation prize as Cordelia’s feminine hands slid up to cup her breasts.

Remembering my touch?

As she tweaked her nipples, briefly teasing them into hard points with her fingertips, there was no doubt in his mind that he was in her thoughts. Angelus remembered the way she filled his hand, the hard press of that velvety tip against his palm. Soon, he would do that again, this time taking her in his mouth, laving her with his tongue, teasing her with his teeth, with his fangs.

Dropping her hands from her breasts, Cordelia made a sound of irritation. Frustration, he guessed. Maybe anger at herself for wanting him. She’d always wanted him, Angelus was quick to let himself think. His true nature frightened her and she’d been willing to use his relationship with the Slayer as an excuse to stop panting after him publicly. That didn’t mean he never came into her thoughts.

I’d like to come in her thoughts, in her bed, in her. Angelus smirked as he watched her turn away to the dresser bringing her luscious bottom back into view. He wanted to squeeze that hot little ass. Smooth his hands over her skin. See how Cordelia reacted to the sting of his palm as he turned it red and rosy.

Slipping a short silk nighty over her head, Cordelia was still standing with her hands above her head and her face in darkness when she heard her name sounded on a loud groan coming from the balcony. Jerking the nightgown down to its full length, Cordy tugged at the edge as it skirted the top of her thighs.

Not wanting to believe it to be true, Cordelia gripped the edge of her dresser and focused on the reflection in the mirror. Everything on the balcony looked fine. Just fine. Except, she noted, that the lounge chair was now facing the other way toward her bedroom and there was a black leather jacket neatly folded over the top of the chair.

Angelus is here, Cordelia gasped aloud realizing even though she could not see the vampire himself in the mirror’s reflection. Then it came to her that he had been watching everything she’d been doing. Naked! He’s seen me naked.

Furious, she whirled around and headed across the carpeted floor to fling open the doors to the balcony. “You bastard! Get…omigod!”

For the first time she caught sight of Angelus as he stretched out on the lounge chair. In full gameface, he looked more like a demon than he ever did, lust adding on another layer that only increased his forbidden appeal. He’d ripped open his shirt, his buttons askew as one beaded male nipple and its small oval appeared dark against the pale wall of his thick chest. She really caught that in a fleeting glance because her attention almost immediately fell to his lap.

“No panties, Cordelia?” She heard the amused inquiry as if through a long tunnel. Her ears seemed to be ringing as she watched Angelus fisting his towering cock. “Naughty, naughty.”

Cordelia tried to stop staring, but she couldn’t. It was just…she hadn’t seen…geez, he was magnificent. All smooth marble, pale like the rest of him. Thick, so thick she had to wonder if her hand would ever fit around it. His did. Just right. He moved it up and down that long shaft teasing the spot where his foreskin stretched around the broad crown.

A hot breath heaved from her lungs followed by the swipe of her tongue against lips that suddenly felt swollen and tingly.

“See something you want?” asked Angelus recognizing the flush of her skin and the light scent of her sudden arousal. “Come here, Cordelia.”

Despite his naturally hypnotic allure, Cordelia wasn’t so far gone or stupid enough to take that first step onto the balcony. Maybe he was the sexiest creature she’d ever seen, but he was still a demon, still evil and still had plans that involved her untimely demise.

“What the hell are you doing?” she demanded hotly.

“Getting off on watching you, baby,” Angelus stroked his cock returning to his earlier languorous pace. “You make me so fucking hard. It’s just a little game of spank the monkey. Wanna play?”

Cordelia narrowed her gaze, trying to keep it focused on his face. “Take your monkey and spank it somewhere else.”

She wondered if it was possible to be turned on and creeped out at the same time. Her words had no effect on Angelus except that his lust was now came with amusement. The sound of his deep chuckles was intermixed with the odd groan of pleasure as he kept on touching himself.

Spluttering, Cordelia tried again, “Stop that, you voyeuristic vampire.”

“Come make me.”

“I could just ignore you,” Cordelia pointed out haughtily. “I don’t need to watch this.”

Angelus curled his other hand under his balls and noticed the way her eyes followed the movement. “Then why are you watching? Scamper out of your bedroom if you’re a timid little mouse. For the moment, I can’t follow.”

“Don’t imagine you’re gonna get an invitation. Timid mouse? Pfft! No one chases me out of my own bedroom. Especially not evil, stalking flashers,” she glared angrily shoving her hands onto her hips totally unaware of the way it made her short gown ride up giving him a glimpse of curls.

“Just admit that you like what I’m flashing,” Angelus purred as he brushed his thumb over the crown of his cock. “Been thinking about my promise?”

“Threat,” Cordelia returned sharply.

Remembering her response and seeing it here, Angelus knew she’d accepted the fact that he would do anything to have her. Moaning at the thought, he suggested, “Take it how you want it, Cordelia, but you will take it.”

His words made her stare a little too closely at his engorged sex, thinking about his plan to take her. Not that she would ever let him, but the idea of it was oh so tempting. Her body certainly wanted it, Cordelia felt the wet rush of warm flooding her sex, dampening the soft flesh and slicking the skin of her inner thighs.

“Sizing me up? No need for a ruler, Cor. Just use your hands,” Angelus encouraged with a leer.

Cordelia’s head snapped up, “Egomaniac,” she accused even as her eyes dilated into deep pools of want.

“Does it look like ego to you?”

Saying nothing, Cordelia ate him up with her eyes as Angelus tempted her with his hard cock. He felt himself getting close and tried to stretch it out a little more. Anticipation and enticing Cordelia was too good to let go.

“Don’t pretend you don’t want it. That the idea of being fucked by me doesn’t excite you,” Angelus claimed knowingly. “Just look at yourself.”

Biting at her lip, Cordelia did as instructed already knowing what she would find. Her swollen breasts ached with need, their turgid tips pointed up against the silk of her gown. She tingled everywhere except her sex where the sensations were deep and empty and aching with the need to be filled. Closing her eyes for a second, Cordelia nearly gave into it as her right hand slipped down from her hip edging toward the center of that ache.

“Go ahead, baby,” Angelus recognized another opportunity when it appeared. This time demanding it directly, “Let me see how you touch yourself. Make yourself come for me.”

“No!” Cordelia yanked her traitorous hand away slapping it back on her hip.

Angelus glowered at her disobedience. “Don’t pretend you won’t do it when I’m gone.”

“Will that be soon?” she asked shifting back into a tone that told him she was fighting herself and him.

Cordelia wanted him gone all right, he realized, but it wasn’t just to get him off of her property. “Anxious to come? Don’t you know vamps can keep it up all night? I’m not going anywhere yet.”

It sounded like ego again, but Cordelia trembled at the thought that he was telling the truth. “All night?”

“Want to take me on a test ride?”

“Maybe if you were chained to my bed,” she answered so fast that the words just came out of her mouth unchecked.

“Oh, Cor, my budding dominatrix,” Angelus laughed. Then his eyes turned dark amber. The predator appeared as he asked, “You think I’d ever let you?”

Her face felt hot, blood rushing to her cheeks as she thought of Angelus pinned to her bed naked and helpless. Before she could even contemplate it, the vampire asked her, “What would you do with me once you had me there?”

“Stake you,” Cordelia snapped.

“No, really.”

Repeating again, “I’d stake you.”

“Liar,” Angelus was beyond laughing at her at this point. He worked his cock, jerking at his hard flesh, running his hand repeatedly across the sensitive crown in quickening short strokes. Daring her to answer, “Tell me you wouldn’t be tempted to touch me first.”

Cordelia was tempted right now. “Yes."

Her truthful response and the scent of her arousal perfuming the air was enough to push Angelus to the point of letting go. He’d teased himself too long with her beauty and his own desire for this hot-blooded vixen.

“Angelus,” gasping his name, Cordelia felt her heart thumping in her chest. Realizing that she sounded encouraging, that she was cheering him on, wanting to see him climax and that her body was trembling with anticipation, she held onto the door frame for support.

The sound of his name on her lips did it for him, just that soft, honeyed tone sounding in his ears. Then he came, a hoarse cry welling up from his chest as he spurted his cool male essence onto his hand, dotting his leather pants and the surface of the lounger. Anxious moments later, he relaxed back against the cushion of the chair.

Aroused and angry, Cordelia struggled to find breath enough to tell him, “Angelus, get off my balcony.”

Smiling slowly, Angelus wiped his hand and pants with a beach towel draped across the arm of the chair. He made no verbal response until he rose from the chair, tucked himself back in his pants and one by one fastened the buttons over his groin. Walking over to the balcony doors where they were separated only by that invisible barrier, Angelus found that he was strangely proud of the way Cordelia had not fled the room in terror nor folded to his lustful demands that she pleasure herself or come to him.

This defiant beauty would be worth every minute he would spend on making her his. No one would get in the way of it or they would pay dearly. He stood directly across from her, inching as close as the barrier would allow noting the way she refused to budge from her position.

“I’m going, but I’ll see you soon.”

“Any time is too soon,” commented Cordelia trying to ignore the rush of excitement that shot through her. It was supposed to be fear, but it wasn’t.

Angelus flattened his hand on the invisible wall, running it down the length of her body wishing he could feel her curves rather than the mystical backwash of the barrier. “Go to your bed, climb under the covers and close your eyes.”

As she watched his hand move down in front of her, Cordelia shivered as she thought of it still wrapped around his impressive cock and the way it had cupped her breast. What other pleasures could those hands and fingers bring?

“How long will it be before you see me, Cordelia? Seconds?” Angelus asked knowingly.  “I’ll be in your thoughts, in those little fantasies you dream up in the dark.”

Cordelia’s eyes darted up to his again. How’d he know about her fantasies? “I don’t—,” she started to deny it only to be cut off as Angelus continued.

“I can’t touch you now,” he brought his hand back up so that it rested directly in front of her breast, “but I will in your dreams tonight. You know I will.”

Swiping between her lips with the tip of her tongue, Cordelia huffed, “Those are called nightmares. Scary demon. Monster under the bed.”

“Demon in your bed, baby,” he corrected, “ravishing you until your pulse thunders under my touch and you’re so replete with pleasure that you can no longer move beneath me. How will I take you, Cordelia? Think of that tonight. Where will I choose to make my mark?”

“Look all you want, Angelus, but this is as close as you’ll ever get to me,” Cordelia told him determined to make certain of it. His voice alone was enough to seduce her if she let it, but Angelus wasn’t just planning to give her pleasure. There were other darker things he would want to explore and it sounded more and more like he wanted an eternity to try them.

It wasn’t an ending he sought, but a beginning.

“Sweet dreams, baby,” Angelus smirked one last time before heading for the stone ledge of the balcony. “We’ll play bait and catch again tomorrow.”


The End.

The Challenge by Christy

Cordelia catches Angelus mid-masturbation. Must tie in with scene in KBD where he traps Cordy to the ground. Smut (explicit) & Humor. 

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