Season of Solace Season of Solace Map of Sunnydale A basic map of Sunnydale first published in Buffy Mag has been adapted for use as a guide for readers of Lysa Whitmore's fic, Season of Solace. Additional locations specific to both canon Sunnydale, and to the story have been added. The map is not to scale and is intended to give the reader general idea of the layout of the town, key locations, and the names of major roadways. 204890971 Season of Solace Cover Art and Story by Lysa Whitmore 203598260 The Abyss The Abyss is a dimension at the nexus of the demon realms. A manip of several space anomalies including the Crab Nebula, a black hole, a red comet. 199532039 Angel A simple Photo Filter applied to a BTVS photoshoot pic of David Boreanaz as Angel. 203567072 Cordelia Chase FanArt by Lysa Whitmore. A clothing manip of a BTVS photoshoot of Charisma Carpenter as Cordelia Chase. CC's yellow shirt was altered. Background and frame added. Photo filters applied. 203567074 Buffy and Giles at the Library Photo Filter and Frame applied to a BTVS photoshoot pic of Buffy and Giles at the Library. 199502489 Willow and Xander Photo Filter and Swirl Frame applied to a BTVS photoshoot of Willow and Xander. 199502308 Willow and Buffy 203566790 Stalker Angel PhotoFilter of photoshoot of David Boreanaz as Angel. 203567078 Spike and Drusilla A cutout of Spike & Drusilla in front of spooky woods. 199502329 Faith & Giles at the Library A manip with a photo filter. 199502334 Cordelia and Buffy Buffy gives Cordelia some relationship advice. A manip of Cordelia & Buffy in the school hallway using a Plastic Wrap Photofilter. 199502509 Team Chase on Patrol Fan Art by Lysa Whitmore. A Cordelia Chase manip. C/A on their first patrol as 'Team Chase'. City Hall in the background. 203555014 The Scoobies A cutout of the Scoobies added to a cemetery background. 199503218 Team Chase A manip of two promo shots of David Boreanaz as Angel and Charisma Carpenter as Cordelia Chase merged into one photo. 200075902 Cordelia Cordelia is excited about Team Chase's discovery of the Bone Relic. 199502585 Faith at Sparrow's Gate A cutout manip of a Faith photoshoot added to a gate background. 199502605 Spike and Drusilla On the way from Brasilia to Sunnydale, Spike and Dru pass through the Sonora Desert. A cutout manip of a BTVS photoshoot and a Desoto, added to a desert scene. 199502583 Cordelia in a Misty Cemetery A manip of Cordelia using a CC face and a Haley (Vampire Diaries) photoshoot. 199502299 Faith A photo filter applied to a BTVS photoshoot of Faith. 199502472 Willy the Snitch A photo filter applied to a crop of a BTVS screen grab. 199502645 Buffy the Vampire Slayer A cutout of a BTVS photoshoot with a cemetery background and an applied photo filter. 199502512 Faith and Giles A manip of Faith using an Eliza face with a Haley (Vampire Diaries) photoshoot body, along with a BTVS photoshoot cutout of Giles. 199502479 Joyce and Buffy Summers A crop and photo filter of a BTVS screen grab of Buffy and her mother. 199502656 Giles Doing Research at Home A photo filter applied to a BTVS screen grab of Giles. 203555016 Cordelia Cordelia tells Willow and Xander about her experience at Willy's Place. A cutout of a BTVS screen grab placed over a library scene. 199502461 Crawford Street Mansion - East View The East Lawn view of the Crawford Street Mansion showing the habitable wing. A manip of Chateau Henri adding a 3rd floor to the building with a photo filter applied. 203555017 Cordelia at the Mansion A manip of a CC photoshoot added to a Haley (Vampire Diaries) photoshoot, with a clothing manip. 203567079 Cordelia and Angel at the Main Street Deli A manip of a DB photoshoot with model Adriana Lima turning it into a Cordelia/Angel scene at the Main Street Deli. Includes clothing manips of both characters. 199502649 Drusilla in White A photo filter used over a BTVS photoshoot of Drusilla. 199502558 Trinity Baptist Church A manip combining a church, a cemetery, and a starry sky with a photo filter for blending. 199502507 Spike and Drusilla in the Woods A cutout of a BTVS Spike photoshoot, with a Drusilla manip, over a wooded background. 199502567 Faith A couple of photo filters with a BTVS screen grab of Faith. 199502315 Cordelia and Angel Angel comforts Cordelia when she reveals some of her family struggles. A Cordelia/Angel manip of a BTVS photoshoot with Angel and Buffy. 199502599 Drusilla Drusilla shares a vision with Cordelia. A cutout of a BTVS Drusilla photoshoot or scene over a church scene. 199502467 Giles on Patrol A crop of a BTVS screen grab of Giles. 199502478 Team Chase at Memorial Gardens A C/A manip with the Plymouth and a cemetery scene. 199502600 Mrs Finkle A photo filter applied to a cropped screen grab of Mrs Finkle, Cordelia's boss at April Fool's Dress Shop. 199502557 Faith A photofilter/fram applied to a screen grab of Faith. 199502602 Buffy A photofilter and lighting changes over a BTVS screen grab of Buffy 199502474 Beverly Quinn Cordelia Chase's maternal grandmother, Beverly Quinn, is an activist for Sunnydale's seniors. She is fighting to keep the Bingo Palace open despite Mayor Wilkins' efforts to close it. The locals are trying to convince Bev to run for mayor in the next election. A photo/facial manipulation of a random silver-haired woman. 199502513 Cordelia Chase - The Blue One A clothing manip of a CC Photoshoot for BTVS/Angel. Cordelia decides to wear her blue workout clothes during a scene with Angel. 199502604 Spike Spike was beaten during a fight with Angel. A photo filter applied to a crop of a BTVS screen grab. 199502648 Night of the Meteors A crop of a black and white pic of a meteor shower using a photo filter. 199502482 Buffy at Holy Cross Catholic Church A cutout of Buffy from a BTVS photoshoot with a church background. 203567123 Officer Clark The Crosathnam demon disguised as Officer Clark. A photomanip of a random police officer. 199502498 Cordelia at Mercy Hospital Cordelia is a patient at Mercy Hospital. A photo filter applied over a screen grab from an Angel episode. 199502321 Angel in Gameface A photo filter used over an Angel screen grab. 199502465 Giles and the Scoobies A manip of Giles and the Scoobies at the ruins of Trinity Baptist Church after the earthquake. This is a cutout of two BTVS photoshoots of Giles, Buffy, Willow and Xander with a ruined building and rubble background. 199502469 Comforting Touch Cordelia's grandmother gives her hand a squeeze while she is in the hospital. Photo filter over a random pic. 199502497 Drusilla and Spike Drusilla comforts Spike during his recovery. A manip of Spike using a bruised face added to a D/S photoshoot. 199502490 Buffy and Angel Buffy catches up to Angel at Kingman's Bluff Cemetery. A cutout manip of Angel and Buffy adding two separate pics together. 199502481 Cordelia Chase at Mercy Hospital A manip of a CC pic added to a girl in a hospital gown. Pillow speaker and frame added. 199504171 Angel's Message: Later A photo manip of an envelope and card with a message from Angel. 199502318 Angel and Cordelia A clothing manip of a CC screen grab to create a green silk pajama top. Cutouts of Angel and Cordelia from BTVS/Angel scenes added into one photo. 199502576 Angel and Cordelia A photo manip using an Angel screen grab adding Angel's hand, Cordelia's longer hair, and the hospital room background, and frame. 199502484 Angel in Blue Sweater Angel sits at Cordelia's bedside while she is at the hospital. A photo filter and frame applied to a DB photoshoot. 199550628 Today's Special Willy's Place serves up Chocolate-Covered Locusts. 199502502 Faith and Mayor Wilkins A photo manip of Faith and the mayor using two separate scenes from BTVS. 199502591 Cordelia and Faith A photo manip of two separate screen grabs of Cordelia and Faith. 199502470 Cordelia Chase - The Red One A clothing manip of a CC photo to turn the outfit red. 199502603 Angel and Cordelia - Touch Me A photo manip of Angel touching Cordelia's hair possibly to check out her lovely neck. 199502477 Giles and Wesley Wesley Wyndam-Pryce has come to town to provide some translation help with the prophecy and to fill the role of Watcher to Faith the Vampire Slayer. A photo manip adding Wesley to a photoshoot of Giles, and expanding the background. 199502492 Main Street Deli Take-Out A manip of some brown bags adding a Main Street Deli logo. 199502652 Buffy and Spike A photofilter and frame over a BTVS screen grab. 199513023 Angel A photofilter over a BTVS photoshoot 199502298 Buffy on the Phone Buffy gets some disturbing news. This is actually a movie screen grab from Scream 2, but I needed a pic of Buffy on the phone and this worked. Photo filter applied. 199502483 Speeding Down Oak Park Street Giles and Wesley speed toward the site of a murder. This is a manip of a BTVS screen grab of Giles and Buffy, removing Buffy and adding Wes. 199502564 Xander Harris A photo filter applied to a BTVS photoshoot. 199502475 Blood: Faith and Angel Originally made this for one of my SOS 'comic' covers, but it still works for the same scene. A manip of two separate pics of Angel and an Eliza Dushku photoshoot with a frame effect using a blood spatter brush. 199502561 Angel Angel is a angry and impatient as he waits for the chance to go after Cordelia's kidnapper. A basic Angel screen grab with some photo filter effects to create a frame. 199502330 Cordelia in the Dark Cordelia wakes up naked in the dark after her kidnapping. A manip of a CC photoshoot with the American Flag. I removed the stars, added more stripes, and some color filters to make it into a blanket effect. 199502326 Drusilla A photo filter used on a BTVS photoshoot of Drusilla 199502313 Faith Arrested This is a BTVS screen grab. A photofilter was used to create the circle frame effect. 199502562 Clem Playing Kitten Poker A photofilter was used over a BTVS screen grab, with a few extra kittens added. 199502655 Cordelia, Drusilla and Spike at the Factory This is a very complex photomanip to create a scene from SOS. A CC photo was used with a dress photo, which was altered to fit her and the story. I could not find a full photo of Dru in her white dress, so I had to create the skirt. I found a doll to use as Miss Edith. Cutout of Spike from a BTVS photoshoot. A tea set was added to a table and chair set up. All added to a background of an abandoned factory. 199502563 Spike and Drusilla A photo filter applied to a BTVS screen grab. 199502601 Angel and Cordelia Angel offers Cordelia some comfort after he rescues her. This is a manip of two separate photos with a photo filter applied. 199502328 Spike Photo filters were applied to this BTVS photoshoot of Spike. 199514635 Scooby Group Hug They needed some huggage. A photo filter applied over a BTVS screen grab. 199502580 Angel and Cordelia This is a manip of a CC photo to show the back of her dress with lots of buttons. Skirt and top and buttons are all separate additions, as is the top of Cordelia's head. Angel is a cutout of an Angel photoshoot. Added to a moon background with photo filter effects. 199502573 Faith in Handcuffs A manip of a BTVS photoshoot or screen grab of Faith, with a cop costume model behind her. Added a home hallway and door with signs of a fight. 199502606 A Cavern in Subterranean Sunnydale A random limestone cavern photo with a filter applied. 199502570 Angel Angel looking a little stunned after Cordelia tells him something. He is in the master bedroom at the mansion. The bedroom photo is not part of the Chateau Henri photos used for the rest of the mansion. 199988057 Clothes in a Trash Bag Cordelia is steaming. The Scoobies have turned her into a Bag Lady by stuffing her belongings into trash bags. This is a manip of clothing with an open trash bag and wooden flooring. Photo filters applied. 199502578 Cordelia and Angel Kissing A manip of a C/A kissing scene (Cordelia) and a Bones kissing scene (DB). A lot of the screen grabs of C/A kissing are pretty dark, so this took a while to get right. Added Cordelia's dress strap, and Angel's hand, and a frame. Photo filters applied. 199502487 The Police Station Giles and Wesley head to the Sunnydale Police Station to check on Faith. A basic manip of our model cop and a police department desk. 199502552 Xander and the Plymouth Xander really likes the Plymouth and finally gets a chance to drive it. A photo manip using a BTVS photoshoot of Xander, and a cutout of a Plymouth Belvedere GTX. 199502637 A Banana This is what a banana looks like in case you need to make comparisons. Beveling effect and frame added. 199502642 Angel and Cordelia in Bed A C/A manip of a Supernatural screengrab. Photo effects and framing added. 199502327 Nicolau and Isobel Nicolau Cibran is a master vampire with the Sect of Solarius. Isobel is his favorite childe. Nicolau is a cutout of a steampunk fashion shoot model. Isobel is a manip of a model chosen to represent Isobel and a second photo. Effects and framing added. 203555018 Faith Photo filters applied over a BTVS photoshoot of Faith. 199502500 Angel at the Banister This is a manip of a David Boreanaz photo that is on an outside porch. Plants and background removed. Added the balustrade and hallway background from the Chateau Henri photos to represent internal aspects of the Mansion. 199990070 Cordelia Wearing Angel's Shirt Scene takes place as Cordelia tracks down Angel to find him brooding in the mansion study. Includes a manip of a Cordelia Chase photoshoot or screen grab imposed over a woman wearing a shirt. 199523609 The Keyhole An ornate door lock with antique keyhole. The Scoobies spy on Cordelia and Angel as they argue about their relationship, pity sex, and Angel's soul. 199502638 Angel and Buffy Angel makes his feelings clear to Buffy. A cutout of a BTVS screen grab and the study background. 199502582 Drusilla and Spike Embrace A photo filter applied to a BTVS photoshoot of Drusilla and Spike with a frame added. 199502462 Angel Blocks the Door Angel blocks Cordelia's way out of the room during an argument. A cutout manip of an Angel photoshoot or screen grab with an ornate door. 199502305 Scoobies on the Stairs Buffy, Willow and Xander wonder what Angel and Cordelia are doing upstairs behind closed doors. A manip of a BTVS Buffy photo and a screen grab of Willow and Xander. Includes one of the mansion staircases. 199523659 Angel and Cordelia A manip of two separate Cordelia and Angel screen grabs with a framing effect added. 199502495 Anton, a Solarian Vampire Anton is the chief minion of Nicolau Cibran. He arrives at Willy's Place looking for information. A cutout of a goth or steampunk fashion model and a bar background. 199502496 Nicolau and Isobel A photo manip of the Nicolau model with a towel-draped body, a cutout manip of the Isobel model placed on a bed background. 203567125 Angel and Cordelia in Bed A manip of Angel and Cordelia with a sleeping couple pic. 199502505 Buffy in Sleeping Bag A manip of a BTVS Buffy photoshoot face with a girl in a sleeping bag. Placed in front of the mansion stairs in the foyer. 199502560 Xander Harris A photo filter applied to a Xander screen grab. 203567124 The Avalon Luxury Apartments The Solarian Vampires prefer luxurious surroundings. They choose The Avalon as their temporary lair in Sunnydale. A minimal manip of a building photo with altered signage. 199502575 Faith in Plaid Faith wears Giles' plaid pajama top when she stays at his place the night after the Crosathnam attack. A manip of an Eliza Dushku photo and a woman in a plaid shirt. 199502471 Crawford Street Mansion - West Entrance The West Entrance of the Mansion is overgrown and usually dark. Set off the road by a long cobblestone drive, it is not directly or at least easily visible from Crawford Street. Photo filters applied to a cropped pic of an abandoned mansion. 199502309 Spike and Isobel at the Factory Isobel captures Spike and tortures him for information about Drusilla and Cordelia. Includes a manip of Spike using a screen grab of Angel in chains, a clothing manip of the Isobel character and a second model, additional chains, and an abandoned warehouse background. Photo filters and frame applied. 199502639 The Balustrade Cordelia and Angel stand in the 2nd floor hallway near the banister overlooking the main floor foyer. Includes a cutout of an Angel photoshoot, and a clothing manip of an Angel photoshoot of Cordelia/CC. The background is part of Chateau Henri with added curtains to block the daylight. 199502579 Xander in the Kitchen Xander volunteers for kitchen duty when the Scoobies move into the mansion. A manip of a BTVS Xander photoshoot with a man holding a whisk. The background is a restored kitchen with a gas stove. 199502485 Buffy and the Kitchen Sink Buffy gets stuck with dishwashing duty when the Scoobies move into the mansion. A manip of a BTVS Buffy photoshoot with a woman holding rubber gloves, a stack of dirty pots added to the antique sink, and a kitchen background with stained glass windows that block the direct light. 199502468 Drusilla and Enthralled Xander Xander lets Drusilla into the mansion. A cutout manip of Drusilla from a BTVS photoshoot, and a cutout screen grab of Xander. The background is a Chateau Henri photo used to represent the Mansion's little used lounge or main parlor. 199502651 Stolen Obelisk The obsidian obelisk found by Team Chase the night of the earthquake is hauled away by Mike 'The Undertaker' Mooney and his gang. A manip of a flatbed truck, a black obelisk, rope, and a tarp at a cemetery. 199502654 Spike Being Interrogated Spike is still chained up and being interrogated by Isobel. A crop of a screen grab from a BTVS scene of Spike and Glory. 199502464 Angel and Drusilla Drusilla wants Angel's protection and has come to the mansion expecting to get it. A manip of two photos, an Angel screen grab, and a cutout of a BTVS photoshoot of Drusilla. Photo filters and framing added. 199502310 Angel on the Road Angel drives the Plymouth toward the Factory with the intention of rescuing Spike. A crop of an Angel scene. 199502499 Isobel Isobel is sexy and deadly, and quite used to getting her way in all things. This is a manip of a photo of the Isobel model adding the factory background. 199502324 Isobel and Angel in Gameface Isobel is unaware that Angel has a soul and mistakes him for Angelus. A manip of the Isobel model, and a cutout of Angel in game face. Both bodies have been altered to add the right style top or jacket. 203555019 Go Fish Drusilla plays Go Fish with Xander and Faith. A crop of a card game with text and framing added. 203567127 Spike A manip of injured Spike with the Factory background after he has been rescued by Angel. 199502476 The Plymouth Belvedere GTX A crop of a Plymouth Belvedere GTX placed over a cobblestone background. In SOS, the Plymouth starts out as the original property of Cordelia Chase's maternal grandfather. 199502586 Angel Reveals Vampire History Having discovered the involvement of the Solarian Vampires, Angel reveals their history and the myth of the Banished Ones to the group. A manip of a screen grab from Angel, with a clothing manip of Wesley to change his leather jacket into a suit jacket. The background is the mansion hallway from Chateau Henri. 199502300 First Aid for Wounded Angel A manip of a DB movie screen grab combined with other DB photoshoot to create a shirtless Angel image. Wounds and boxer shorts added along with the First Aid Kit and the Master Bedroom background. 199502572 Giles Doing Research A screen grab of Giles from BTVS. Photo filter and frame added. 199523723 Angel and Cordelia A manip of DB's hand from a photoshoot in this subtle, yet intimate scene. 199523847 Faith watches her Watcher A split image photo manip. A close up of Faith standing in the study doorway at the mansion. A manip of Wesley doing research in the study as Faith watches in the background. 199502508 Angel's Afterglow Photo filter applied to an Angel screen grab. 199502594 The Motorcycle A basic crop of a motorcycle with a frame filter. 199523728 Cordelia A photofilter frame added to a BTVS photoshoot of CC. 199502514 Cordelia at the Funeral A manip of Cordelia adding black sunglasses and dress in front of a casket with a flower arrangement. 203567128 The Fireplace The mansion's study fireplace. A manip of the Chateau Henri fireplace to include a burning fire and firelight. 199523848 Principal Snyder and Scoobies Principal Snyder suspects Buffy and her cronies for the disappearance of equipment from the Chemistry Lab. They are on his radar when Xander's actions earn them all detention. 199502494 Spike Smoking A crop of a screen grab of Spike using a photo filter effect. 203555070 Angel A basic cutout manip of an Angel photoshoot or screen grab with an added background. 199502646 Cordelia in a Haze A cutout manip of a CC photoshoot removing the grassy background and adding an artsy purple one and a slight clothing color manip. 199502320 Wesley in the Hallway Wesley has concerns about Angel and Cordelia's intimate relationship. A cropped photoshoot of Wesley in front of a Chateau Henri background photo. 199502581 Faith the Vampire Slayer This is a manip of an Eliza Dushku photoshoot face with a Jessica Alba Dark Angel pic. 199502598 Buffy Cleaning Graffiti During detention, Buffy, Willow, Xander and Oz are assigned to graffiti cleanup duties. Turns out the graffiti was painted by Karla Brewer and contains demonic symbols and the name of Amolon. A manip of a Buffy comic cover deleting her battle axe and adding a mop, a clothing manip, addition of a brick wall with a 3D effect and the symbol and text in dripping paint. 199550790 Karla Brewer Karla Brewer is found by Buffy and the Scoobies and brought back to the mansion. For her own safety, she has to locked up in the basement. Despite being alive, she has obviously been mentally affected by her experience. A crop of a picture of a girl crouching against a wall. 203555071 Federal Correctional Facility Photo filters applied to a picture of a federal correctional facility. 199523724 A Letter to Angelus Angel receives a letter from Nicolau Cibran written in blood. The envelope is addressed to Angelus. A manip of an envelope to add the text and the demon insignia. 203555026 Jake Devries, Associate Lawyer A photo manip adding a cutout of the model representing Jake Devries, an attempt at a mirror image, and the image of a guard with a prisoner in an orange jumpsuit, all inside an interrogation room. 199502297 Angel in Bed A manip of an Angel head from a DB photoshoot with a Gabriel Aubrey photoshoot that I also altered to widen his shoulders a bit. 199502653 Steamy Shower Cordelia is in the shower when she realizes that she is not alone. 203555027 Team Spuffy Buffy and Spike at Glebe Park. The irony hits when Buffy is teamed up with Spike for patrol. Formation of Team Spuffy. A manip of Buffy and Spike photos. 203555106 The Dry Dock Ristorante and Oyster Bar Located at the Marina, The Dry Dock is a 5-star restaurant locally known simply as Arturo's, which is the name of its longtime owner. Cordelia and Angel have a reservation for their first official date. This is a crop and photo filter of a marina restaurant in British Columbia. 199502587 Giles in the Citroen Giles parks at the Highway Interchange awaiting signs of the prophecy. A manip of Giles in a citroen with a random background. 199502493 Arturo There is more to Arturo than meets the eye. He is a friendly restaurant owner who has lived in Sunnydale for many years. 199502317 Drusilla and Miss Edith on the Basement Steps A cutout manip of a Juliet Landau photo, with a clothing manip for Miss Edith replacing her original yellow dress with a red velvet one, and placing them together on the basement steps. 199502596 Cordelia's Red Dress Cordelia is dressed up for her first official date with Angel. A CC photoshoot manip with a red and silver, pleated A-line dress. The background is Arturo's place. 199502644 Isobel at the Temple of Amolon This is the hidden woodland entrance to the subterranean caverns containing the Temple of Amolon. Isobel is out for a night stroll. This background is part of a painting by Rob Alexander titled 'Elf Kings Hall'. Used a texture photo filter to give it a bit of a 3D effect. 199523873 Oz and the Dingos Van Oz stands in front of the blue Ford van used by his band Dingos Ate My Baby. The license plate is "Dingos 8". A cutout manip of a BTVS Oz photoshoot, a blue Ford van with an added license plate, and a werewolf (actually not from BTVS). 199502592 Wesley and Faith at Sunnydale Municipal Airport A manip of of a couple on a motorcycle to create Wesley and Faith arriving at Sunnydale Municipal Airport on patrol. 199502316 Flirtatious Faith Faith flirts with an airport security guard before making her move. This is a manip of a Dollhouse photoshoot of Eliza Dushku removing the extra background images. 203555136 Duct Taped Guard Faith ensures that the security guard won't interrupt their observation of the airport. A manip of a guy with a duct taped mouth and a man with a security guard uniform. 199502568 Cordelia inside Arturo's Another manip of Cordelia wearing the same dress. Now inside Arturo's place. This is the internal view of the same restaurant in BC. 203567129 Drusilla Playing Mind Games with Karla A manip of a BTVS screen grab of Drusilla adding a blond-haired woman to represent Karla Brewer. 199523977 Cordelia and Angel on the Beach A cutout manip of Angel added to a beach background. A manip of a CC face to a woman wearing a red dress. 199502333 Isobel on the Beach A cutout manip of the Isobel model added to the same beach, with a photomanip of the Isobel model with the BtVS vampire game face shadowed in the background. 203555080 Code 6 Page Angel and Cordelia receive a Code 6 Page alerting them to get to Mercy Hospital immediately. A cutout of an old Motorola pager with its Code 6 alert. 199502636 Mike and Jake Two of Kalesh's key henchmen, Mike 'The Undertaker' Mooney, a Biker Gang Leader, and Jake Devries, an associate lawyer with Wolfram and Hart, transport a nearly dead prisoner in a van stolen from some local kids. 199502559 Giles at Mercy Hospital A cutout manip of a Giles screen grab or photoshoot added to a building fire scene with an ambulance parking only sign. 199502311 Angel on the Mansion Perimeter A cutout manip of an Angel screenshot in front of a view of the mansion from its southern perimeter. A manip of Chateau Henri to add a third story, and photo filter effects and a frame. 199523906 Xander back in the Kitchen A cutout manip of Xander reversed with a clothing manip, with a frying pan instead of a whisk. The background is a restored kitchen with a gas stove. 199693271 Spike A cutout manip of Spike in front of Angel and Cordelia's bedroom door. The door is from Chateau Henri representing the Crawford Street Mansion interior. 199693272 Wesley on the Basement Stairs Wesley heads down to the basement to check on their "guest". A cut & paste of a Wesley pic and a banister, and a very basic stone wall texture background. 199990224 Downtowner Motel and Apartments This place actually exists in Las Vegas. Very convenient for my ficpic! Easy breezy cut/paste of the place with a zoom on the sign and a neon wash layer. Faith actually lives at this place, located for Sunnydale purposes, on the east side of town. 199712946 Wesley A simple cut & paste pic of Wesley using a crop of a Chateau Henry photo as background for the Mansion. 199990082 Cordelia As naughty things are about to happen, this is a clothing removal manip of Cordelia with an addition from her PB photoshoot. 199991063 Buffy and Faith at Old Sunnydale Cemetery Quick crop and paste pics of Buffy & Faith using a stroke effect, with a spooky cemetery background. 200038403 Spike A crop of James Marsters as Spike with some photo filters, lighting effects, and a pinline border. 200079686 Faith - Demon Fight Found the creature at conceptartorg site. Pic of Eliza Dushku as Faith is slightly manipulated to turn an axe into a pipe, and to add the rest of her shoulder and back. PhotoPerfect lighting filters. 200130338 Cordelia Dreaming A crop of a screen grab of CC with a photo filter applied. 200234457 Banana Pancakes Just a yummy stack of Banana Pancakes for breakfast. 200322351 While You Were Sleeping A manip of Angel and Cordelia sleeping. In the doorway is a silhouette of a previously created manip of Faith who enjoys a little eye candy when she comes to wake them up. 200924401 Willow's Spell Book A cutout of an Alyson Hannigan as Willow Rosenberg Season 2 BTVS Photoshoot and a merged manip of a spell book and cover found online. 200924402 Zipping the Dress A clothing manip (a pattern and color overlay) of a Charisma Carpenter photoshoot. Added an antique bathroom setting in the background, and boarded up the windows since this is a scene at the Crawford Street Mansion. 201963202 Willow's Truth Spell A cutout of an Alyson Hannigan as Willow Rosenberg Season 2 BTVS Photoshoot and a merged manip of a spell book and cover found online. Plus a background of the mansion stairs from the interior of Chateau Henri. 201963648 Circle of Fire In a subterranean cavern somewhere in Sunnydale, High Priestess Kalesh catches up on world and local events by viewing them through a circle of fire. 203610987 Cordelia Chase Hey, it's not a cinnamon, chocolate, half-caf, non-fat, extra foam cappuccino, but it's still caffeine goodness! 202268494 Mayhem Angel tries to read the paper, but Cordelia distracts him. 204858602