Darkness and Daylight

Cordelia / Angel Fanfiction & Art by Lysa Whitmore

Updated Fanfiction: June 2018

Be a witness as the world falls into chaos for the Chosen One, the Vampire, and his Seer-to-Be as magic causes the universe to take a C/A twist during 'The First Connection'. The Oracles reveal all to the Lower Being in their midst as Angel discovers he must sacrifice it all to save the ones he loves.

Author's Note:

TFC was my first fanfic way back when, a novelization of events in BtVS with a C/A and C/Aus spin. This update is a rewrite of Chapter 8. Changes involve details in the revelation of Angel and Cordelia's soul-binding connection, working out whether or not it's possible for Angel and Buffy to have a relationship, more sexy C/A stuff, and (hopefully) a more realistic approach to the C/A/B scene. Further meddling with this story will come without warning or the Oracles' approval. Now I'll get back to writing more 'Season of Solace'.

Mayhem in Sunnydale! Read all about it . . .

Last Updated February 2018

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